[cats] Their own private condo

Murderface and Santana, despite being son and mother, don't get along. You won't see her cleaning his face in a sweet, maternal way. You won't see him try to cuddle up and sleep next to her. Basically, he tries to smell her butt and she'll freak out and try to slash him.

I thought a kitty condo might help give them different levels to hang out at. Murderface is a ground-level cat; he likes to stay on the floor or lay with us on the couch or in bed. Santana is a loner and likes to be higher up; she likes to be on the dining room table or the kitchen counters (Santana! Get down! ... GET DOWN!). I ordered an Armarkat tree from Amazon (which was our first delivery to the new house! Yay!).

All the pieces:

New Kitty Condo

Halfway through assembly:

New Kitty Condo

I love putting together furniture. You couldn't pay me enough to tape and paint a wall but I will happily put together furniture until the cows come home.

Cat tree all done and pushed back into the corner:

New Kitty Condo

Isn't it awesome? But... where are the cats?

I picked up Santana and put her on it:

New Kitty Condo

Then she jumped down to the window sill.

I put some treats around the tree to lure Murderface up:

New Kitty Condo

Let's zoom-in on MF and his little pot belly in the most unflattering pose/picture ever:


Anyway- they're not using it. I need to rub some catnip all over it or hide some treats. Santana is still shredding the corner of the couch instead of using ANY of the scratching posts all over this condo. I was given some advice to tell the cats that the condo is NOT for them and STRICTLY off limits to make them want to use it. That might work with Santana...


Natalie J said...

I'm very impressed by their condo, but go figure that they're showing no interest right now. I'm sure they will though...when you're not looking. ;)

gayle said...

The condo looks like fun! (Do they make them for people, too?)