[spinning] Morph

Spun another 3-ply from this fiber:

Zen String Fiber

Lots of colors going on there. I thought spinning a true 3-ply would look nice. But it made for a kind of crazy-colored yarn:


Some lengths are violet, some lengths are orange, some are brown. And then every mixture of all the colors:


It will be... interesting to see how this knits up. But what I do love about this yarn is how round and bouncy the three ply turned out. It's superfine merino and the singles came out pretty even (I spun all 4 oz nearly at once) and the final spiral, cork-screw look of the yarn is great.


Superfine merino might be at the top of my Favorite Fiber to Spin list!

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Ren said...

Love this! I've always been fascinated by spun yarn and the amazing colors hand dying can produce.