[house] 30 days to go

The house is nearing completion. We will be moving in 30 days. I've been spending, planning, stressing, packing (rinse and repeat until the point of near-hysteria).

Front of the house:

Front of house

Back of the house:

Back of the house

Looking down at the house from the hills:


A two-tiered rock wall they've put in at the end of the house (using rocks that they had to smash in order to pour the foundation). Can't wait to see what kind of plants I manage to put in and around here:

House with rock wall.

House with rock wall

Garage floor poured:

Garage floor.

Looking into the house from the garage. That's a 2nd fuse box for the house (the other is in the basement). I think there got to be too many fuses in one location, so the contractor put another in the garage- which contains the garage lights, and septic controls and probably the generator if we get one.

From Garage

Kitchen, ready for countertops:


I might just have to schedule the U-Haul now :)


gayle said...

I was just wondering if you were getting close enough to start counting the days!
Remember to breathe now and then...

Sara said...

Your house is beautiful...I know you can hardly wait to move in...