[knitting] Infinity Scarves

Back in October for my sister's birthday, I made her an infinity scarf. I liked the pattern so much, I made one for me:

Zino Cowl

Pattern: September Circle

Yarn: Plymouth Zino, one ball

Needles: US 7

Notes: It's hard to tell the way it's kind of folded up there, but it's a loop about 40 inches around, give or take. It's just right to loop around my neck twice. Once I get where I'm going, it's nice to unloop it once and let it hang down. The long color variations in the yarn work well with the ripple pattern.

So I made another:

Infinity Scarf

Pattern: This was my own pattern- just a simple scalloped pattern found in a stitch dictionary that I have. I just repeated it around 200 stitches.

Yarn: Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic, one ball

Needles: US 6

I blocked these cowls around a large cardboard box.

This pattern/style is perfect for single balls of sock yarn with long color stripes. I love how light but warm these are. I want to make 10 more.

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gayle said...

Both are just beautiful! (If they all come out that pretty, it's going to hard to stop at just 10...)