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Nuthin' to show. Thought I'd do a random watchin', cookin', readin' etc update...

[watching] The Jersey Shore. I mean THE JERSEY SHORE, BITCH!! Netflix Instant had the 2nd season (I haven't seen the 1st season... not that it matters) and I couldn't resist. It's a frigging trainwreck. They're all mad alcoholics, they lie to each other's faces, love to stir up drama. The men psychologically mistreat women, the women put up with being mistreated... The drama is entertaining but any sane person will eventually turn it off and find something better to spend their time on.

Oh, and I don't like to pick on people that are stupid. I've said my fair share of stupid stuff. But Snooki was washing some clothes in a sink and said, "I'm washing clothes in a sink... Like I'm a pilgrim from the 20's or something." I sincerely hope she meant the 1620's because that would actually make sense... But I kind of doubt it.

[cooking] Spah-getty and meat bowls. Watching anything Italian (even if it is a reality show starring guido juicehead gorillas) makes me want pasta. So I made some meatballs and we've been eating leftovers for three days. I am sufficiently sick of it.

[reading] Dune. It took me a while to get into it but it was great. Perfect for reading in the middle of winter when there's 5 feet of snow outside. I finished it and started Dune Messiah since Dollar also had that one.

[knitting] Another shawl. I finished the beaded Haruni and started another for me. So much of picking 20 fast/easy projects after Haruni.

[crocheting] Want to do more amigurumi. I think I'm going to do a lion. For Murderface.

[playing] Nothing :( I packed up all the boardgames. And I haven't been to the local boardgame night in months. I've been packing for the move, busy with spring classes at work, picking out flooring for the new house, excuses excuses excuses.

[housing] I did pick out tiles and wood for the floors. One wood and three different tiles (tile for kitchen/hallway/bath downstairs; tile for bath upstairs; tile for master bath). And who knew there were so many different colors of grout. Grout! I had to choose three different colors of grout. Sheesh. I feel confident with my choices, though. I think. I mean, I'm pretty sure. No, I'm sure. Now I've moved on to worrying about interior paint and color schemes. I had no idea that colors in different rooms should coordinate with each other because you might be seeing more than one room at once:

I'll just pick colors that I like, I guess. I'm pretty sure our fugly couches will be what attracts the most attention in the room. Dollar's got his baby blue recliner (sigh, named the "U.S.S. Dollar") that he refuses to give up and I'll be damned if I pick a wall color for the living room JUST to compliment his frigging baby blue recliner (which the reclining handle broke off of eons ago and now you use a wrench to recline it). I've offered to buy him a new one but he took the offer like it was a slap in the face. Whatever. I get nostalgia, okay? And I understand not wanting to needlessly replace things that are still working. But this recliner. I don't know.... I just don't know.

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