[knitting] Cabled Cowl

Cabled Cowl

Pattern: Cabled Cowl from Lion Brand Yarn (rav link)

Yarn: Heirloom Alpaca, 4 balls.

Needles: US 8

Notes: Reversed one of the 6-stitch cables in each pattern repeat for symmetry.

Stopped making this thing grow after using 4 balls of yarn. I had 5 balls but I think 12 repeats is enough. This ended up about 24 inches long. It's soft (but not as soft as you'd expect alpaca to be- I do feel some wiry guard hairs left in) and squooshy and long enough to gather around the neck or pull up over the head like a hood.

Highly recommend learning to cable without a cable; it helped to speed up this project a lot. Also used my Addi Lace Click needle set for the first time with this.

I do love me some cables:

Cabled Cowl

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Sara said...

Very pretty and pretty yarn too...