[misc] Murderface Monday

During the weekend mornings, Murderface and I have our routine. He and I wake up in the bedroom, stretch, leave the bedroom and close the door (because someone likes to sleep in until at least noon) and go downstairs. I give him his cereal (dry food) and make my coffee. When my coffee's done, I let him out to go to the bathroom. I head upstairs to my craftroom to knit and catch up on tv shows. When it's time to make my 2nd cup of coffee, I go downstairs, let MF back inside, make my coffee and we both go back upstairs. He either gets back into bed with Dollar or comes into my craft room.

MF napping

Because it's time for a nap. Eating breakfast and going to the bathroom outside is really tiring. So he naps next to me on the spare bed. I like listening to his high-pitched honk-zzz... honk-zzz... snoring.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why the saying is "its a dog's life" because really, no one asks the cat to shake, roll over, sit, down, play dead or go hiking.
The cat just eats, goes potty and then back to sleep.
Poor dogs, they thought they had it made.


gayle said...

He's just getting plenty of rest so he'll be ready if the house is attacked by zombies. Or mice. You'll be really thankful then...