[knitting] Hell's Baktus

Had a lone skein of Colinette Jitterbug in my stash for ages:


Decided to make a Lacy Baktus:

Lacy Baktus

Just a scarf shaped like a long triangle, with lots of yarn-overs. This scarf starts at one tip, increase along one edge until you use up half of the yarn, then decrease along that same edge. You will need a scale to do this pattern.

I like this pattern for this yarn. There's no pooling because the stitch count is constantly changing. The color is good: splotchy, mushroom-y shades. The yarn is soft (for a sock yarn), tightly coiled, bouncy and a little heavier than most fingering weights (which might be why the yardage is a little less than most 100 gram sock yarns). I still have to sew in the ends and wash/block. I hear that is yarn can bleed a lot, so we'll see how that goes. If it's not too bleedy, I would give this yarn five stars.

Oh, and I'm calling this Hell's Baktus because I made it while watching past and current episodes of Hell's Kitchen. Which I had never seen before but am totally addicted to now. I've convinced myself that if I took two years of culinary school and maybe one year as a line cook in a professional kitchen, I'd be able to go on the show and win. I told Dollar and he said that while I do have the cooking skillz, the moment Chef Ramsey shouted, "Are you f*#&ing having a laugh?! This risotto is bullets! Are you f*#&ing stupid, you f*#&ing cow?! Don't you know how to cook risotto?! F*#& off out of here back to the dorm!!" in my face, I'd start crying. ... Maybe. Whatever. ... I also have a crush on Chef Scott.

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