[knitting] Icewine Mittens, do-over

This is where I was with my first Icewine Mitten on Thursday night:

Icewine, Part 1

Icewine, Part 1

I was (note the past tense) using Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair in evergreen and burgundy colors. This was the wrong yarn for the project because:

1. The colors didn't contrast enough.

2. The mohair content in the yarn added a halo to further obscure the pattern.

3. The mittens were too DENSE. I could hold this mitten out and it wouldn't bend/flop.

Also, the corrugated ribbing at the bottom went midway up my forearm and was too tight, the next vine section was baggy around my wrist, the mitten itself was too tight around my hand. Everything about the project was wrong but I wanted to finish because... Because I had to finish. Both my sister and my boyfriend talked me out of finishing something that I would dislike and never wear. So I ripped.

I started again and made a few changes:

1. Plymouth Galway purple and Lion Wool green 100% wool yarn. No mohair to blur things.

2. No corrugated ribbing. The ripped mitten was the first time I ever did corrugated ribbing (knit with one color, purl with the other) and and I didn't like it. It was tedious to create and it wasn't stretchy.

3. Make a regular ribbed lining with a baby alpaca and silk yarn from my stash. So soft and smooth against the wrist.

4. Repeat the vine section twice, in opposite directions.

Here's what the new mitten looks like:

Icewine, Part 2

Icewine, Part 2

Look at the difference in the leaf and grape design from the new and old:

Icewine, Part 2

Icewine, Part 1

I am happier with the newer and brighter mittens. They will be snug around my wrist and I can actually see the fun design now. And the knitting is easier and faster.

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