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[knitting] I finished one sleeve of the yoke pattern jacket! I'm well into the second sleeve. I have five balls of yarn but I think I'll only need two more to finish the sleeve and do all the seaming. The Upper Valley Knitting Guild is meeting this Wednesday evening at the Norwich Library from 7 - 9 pm.

[watching] The Wire: Season 4. This season's theme was Education and it was an awesome season. Possibly my favorite so far. If you've not seen this show (or you've seen an episode and were like, "Oh, it's a cop show."), you're missing out.

[cooking] Polenta, my love for you hath not waned. I had some for breakfast with a little cream cheese whipped in. I also roasted some baby red, white and purple potatoes based on a recipe from a copy of Fine Cooking I picked up. I actually didn't roast them with rosemary, fennel or garlic, but opted to use some cajun seasoning I had in the cupboard. Tasted great- these little potatoes do get soft and almost creamy on the inside. [Aside: Fine Cooking is a good magazine. Not as complex as Gourmet or even Bon Apetit, and not as Consumer Reports as Cook's Illustrated. This issue had an article on coconut milk and I made a Thai Shrimp soup that Dollar and I loved.]

[exercising] I joined a gym last week and it's been nice. This gym is way nicer (and way more expensive) that the one I used to attend. I had a physical consultation that they will perform every 90 days to track progress. If that isn't motivation to work it, I don't know what is. I'm trying to get into shape for all the hiking I want to do this summer.

- Lion Brand LB 1878. I ordered a cone in "Fisherman", which I plan to hand dye and use for mittens. LOTS of mittens.
- The Perry Bible Fellowship. I find these comics to be hilarious.
- iPod Shuffle. So necessary at the gym to keep me pumped.

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Joansie said...

Hi Amy, I've been a "lurker" on your web site for some time and you are on my "Google Reader" list. Somehow I forgot you are from Vermont like myself. I'm interested in attending the Guild but I'm starting spinning classes this Wednesday. Can you give me a link or more information on it? It's much appreciated.
Happy Knitting!