[misc] Murderface Monday

He loves the crinkle of this plastic bag:


Here he is scratching up my shoes, which I'm okay with because it means he's not scratching up the couches.

Scratching my shoes

I bought him a cardboard scratch mat but he just sits on it.

And this is a little rug I knit for him this weekend while watching Alien3:

Knit rug for MF

I had a wierd scarf knit with bulky-weight Plymouth Yukon that I was never going to wear. I ripped it and reknit two strands at a time on size 17 needles. I cast on 20 and knit garter stitch until I had a rectangle. It's a little slippery on the wood floors, so I'm thinking I might sew some non-skid drawer liner material to the bottom.

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Shelby said...

...or, you could knit another one and you and Dollar could have skid-across-the-hardwood-floor races!!!!!!

Because...that's...what I'D do...