[travel] San Diego

I'm in lovely San Diego this week. It is truly lovely here- the sky is blue and the constant breeze off of the ocean is keeping the temperature lower than at home in Vermont. Crazy.

I haven't done too much sight-seeing but this is the town of Sea World, a huge zoo, beaches, a large Naval Station and more. I've only been to the Convention Center (wish it was for the Comic Con and not a GIS con), the Gaslamp District, Old Town and Little Italy. I had surprisingly disappointing Mexican food in Old Town. My hotel is right near Little Italy and I'm loving it. Pasta pasta, num num num. The Carbonara was too heavy for this weather (although I enjoyed the panchetta in it- I've only made it with bacon) but the 'capellini amore' (angel hair with shrimp, zucchini, spinach in a light tomato sauce) was perfect. A dinner at a British pub yielded an okay burger and fries but the beers I had were excellent- Hobgoblin and Smithwick. A high class Italian eatery brought me a $15 smoked salmon sandwich and I have to say... It was worth every penny. Now I can make it at home (just smoked salmon, brie, capers, red onions) for much cheaper.

Anyway, I've been going food crazy here but I don't care since I'm walking a mile to the convention center every morning, walking a mile in/around the convention center for various talks and exhibits, walking a mile back to the hotel and walking a little more to forage for food and drinks. My legs are sore and I've got blisters on my feet. Who cares when the food is this good?

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Sarah said...

sounds like a good time, may I suggest getting a bottle of witch hazel and some cotton pads, wet the pads and hold on your blisters for a good long time, they will be much better in the morning. Also great for as a toner for your face, gets the grime gone from all that city walking :D