[amy] Weekend wedding

Wow, the wedding was amazing. It was a traditional Indian wedding and it lasted two hours. The bride wasn't even there for the first 40 minutes. The event was full of colors, sounds and scents. It was especially fun since her side of the family is all white, Irish Catholic (his side is from South India), so there was a mix of both cultures. The wedding itself featured lots of sanctifying, purifying, exchanging garland, tying knots, sprinkling rice on each other's heads, taking seven steps together, etc etc etc. For the American reception, the bride and groom changed out of their Indian clothes into a white wedding dress and suit. Then it was party time.

So that was Sunday. Saturday I went to the first Norwich Farmer's Market of the season. I got some elk sausages to grill. Oh, and some fiddleheads (which I have to call my mother about and ask her how to cook). The field trip to Patternworks didn't happen but that's okay, I was feeling fairly run-down and I needed to get some things done around the house since I wasn't going to have time to do them Sunday.

Friday night I was sick. I finished the arduous process of making the oxtails and got sick from them. I ate mine, didn't feel right, then got violently ill in the bathroom. Dollar only had a bite or two of his and said, "There's something about this... I don't really like it." Me, I guess I pushed past that feeling while eating and ended up paying for it. Blah, I do not recommend oxtails. I admit, the flavor was good and yes, it did make a nice tasting broth but the meat was... fatty or sinewy and the texture was... Can we just stop talking about it. Ugh, never again. I'll just stick to steaks. Plain ol' steaks.

I finished all the dishcloths I wanted to make for Mother's Day from the Sugar 'n Cream Cotton Twists- six dishcloths in six days. Now I just have to weave in the ends and wash them. I made the last two while watching The Lost Room miniseries. Has anyone else seen this? I thought it was so good!

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