[knitting] Mother's Day / NH Sheep & Wool

I finished the dishcloths for Mother's Day. Three old fashioned ones:

And three different lace ones:

I also have the pigs and rocks I got from Gemstar Gemstone. The dark purple one in the front is meant to bring prosperity and the green one brings money.

How do I know it brings money? I "accidentally" brought it with me last Thursday night when I accompanied Dollar to his weekly poker game. I had never been and didn't know how to play any of the games they described. But I won and took everyone's money. Heh heh.

I went down to the NH Sheep & Wool festival on Saturday. I didn't spend too much time looking at the animals and dog trials, but rather scoured the vendors for the best deals. Of all the yarn I saw, The Fiber Fetish blew me away. This yarn needs to be seen and touched. Each skein was a little different but has jewel-like qualities. shiny, soft to the touch, amazing colors. I could not stop staring at this yarn.

Cormo appeared to be the fiber of the festival (at least among the vendors). If they had any, they had a sign up saying, "Cormo! We have Cormo!" Hm, what's so special about Cormo? I felt it and it was wonderful. So buttery and soft. I really couldn't believe it. I preferred all of the undyed Cormo I felt. There aren't too many fibers that I prefer undyed, but Cormo on it's own is lofty and soft when knit up.


Shelby said...

Those pigs are so cute!

I am a Cormo convert, as well. It's really nice to knit with.

Kelly said...

The discloths came out nice and love the pigs!

Cormo is one of my favorite fibers to spin and I too prefer it undyed.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? I'd be carrying that prosperity token with me everywhere.... maybe buy an extra or two.
Can't have too much prosperity can you?

Joan said...

Purple rocks for everyone! Your warshrags look great!