[games] New People, New Games

This past Friday night I joined a new (to me) group of gamers in the Upper Valley. They get together once a month and play various games. I met a few of them at Carnage Con this past November. We played Carcassonne first and then Shadows Over Camelot. All the guys seem really nice but the whole time I was there I felt like I was in a parallel universe where people are just like me and the people I hang out with but there's (a) no cursing, (b) no excessive drinking, (c) no lewd jokes, (d) etc. They are all very good people to play games with and I had fun but at soon as I got home, I told Dollar how wholesome these guys were. "I feel so clean," I said, "I just wanna go kick a puppy or kill a bum or something."

Saturday night a couple people came over to game and we played Illuminati. Let's just say there was a little more tension at the table after I sucessfully stole someone's group on a sucessful dice roll of '4 or less' (I rolled a 3). It's not the first time I've been accused of witchcraft but it's the first time I've wondered whether or not it was true. After Illuminati we played Runebound but had to cut the game short because it was taking so long. I like the story behind Runebound and the concept of building up your character before you can take on the big bad dragon in the end, I just found combat a little confusing.

Christmas is coming and what better time to give games as gifts? It's so nice to see those square and rectangular boxes all wrapped up under a tree. Word on the streets is that the game every player wants but every seller is sold out of is Battlelore. Created by Richard Borg, it looks like Memoir '44 meets War of the Ring. I ordered quite a few games and I can't wait for the long holiday from Christmas to New Year's to stay inside, drink hot cocoa and play games. And kill bums. Happy Holidays!

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