[amy] My cat?

I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween. I got twenty or so trick-or-treaters. And a cat. At one point a couple girls knocked on my door asking for candy. I feel weird about giving candy to high school girls who don't even try to dress up (they were wearing street clothes and a witch's hat- come on!). If a couple of guys looking like this knocked on my door, I would give them lots of candy. But these girls...

Anyway, a cat came running into my house as soon as I opened the door for them. The girls asked, "Is that your cat?" I said, "No," gave them a handful of lollypops and shut the door. The cat was walking around my living room like he owned the place, rubbing against furniture legs and meowing. I said, "Hey buddy, who are you? What are you doing here? Do you belong to someone?" He answered with enthusiastic meows but I couldn't understand what he was saying. "Are you supposed to be mine?" I asked.

See, the cat was a manx. A manx with no collar. I've always had a manx cat growing up and I love manx cats. No tail, very smart, rabbit-like, best-friend type cats. So what was I supposed to do with this cat? When more trick-or-treaters came and I opened the door, he didn't run back outside. See? He loved me!

I opened up a can of tuna fish and gave him half. He ate so fast that I thought for sure he must be a homeless cat. He meowed and meowed for more after he was done but I told him he had had enough. I went to the door to pass out more candy and when I went back into the kitchen, he was up on the counter eating the remaining tuna out of the can I had left in the sink. I yelled for him to get down (which he did) and thought, "Hmm... He must eat out of a lot of garbage cans. He must be homeless."

Eventually I told him to go back out. He sat on my stoop for a while but did end up leaving. Dollar got home a little later. More trick-or-treaters came and when I opened the door, the cat came running in. I hadn't told Dollar about him, so he stuck his foot out, trying to block the cat's way (but the wily cat dodged the boot and ran for the kitchen). "Whoa whOA WHOA!" he said, "That's not our cat!" I shut the door on the kids and turned to Dollar.

"I think he's supposed to be our cat," I said. "Look, he's here, he's a manx. Can you believe it? It's like, what I've always wanted." Dollar couldn't argue with my sad, pleading face without coming off like a totally cruel jerk of a boyfriend. So the cat stayed for a little while as I got supper ready. When I was setting the table, Dollar said the cat went outside and closed the door behind himself. Apparently the cat wanted to go outside when he was inside and come inside when he was outside. At one point the cat went outside and rubbed against the storm door, effectively closing it. So out he stayed.

I do want a cat. And if he comes back, I might just have to feed him again. But I don't want to cat-nap another person's pet. Maybe he can just be a frequent visitor.


Shelby said...

maybe just let him chill at yours and keep your eye on the "Lost" ads in the paper / around the neighborhood incase he pops up? Did he look skinny and rough or did he look pretty healthy? Cats aren't usually food-wolfers like dogs unless they're really least, in my experience...:)

Kelly said...

I don't think their is any harm in having a cat vistor every once in a while!

amy said...

In related news, my sister told me that her outdoor cat (no collar) was picked up by her neighbors (through the woods) and IMMEDIATELY brought to the Humane Society 40 miles away. Who does that? "Oh look, at cat. Let me bring it to the shelter, like, RIGHT NOW and not even give it a chance to go home." And to boot, my sister had to pay a $45 overnight fee at the Humane Society. I understand that the people were trying to be responsible but it's like grabbing any old outdoor cat and saying, "Well, you must not have a home. I'm bringing you to the shelter."