[amy] Happy Birthday to my Special Friend

Dollar's birthday is today! He's says I'm more excited about it then him and that's because... I am! I left a card on the table this morning for him to find after I had already left for work. It says "For my special friend" on the front and depicts a little cartoon ballerina. Inside it says, "May all your wishes come true on you birthday."

I altered the card by putting quotation marks around the word friend on the front. Like: For my special "friend". Then I drew a goatee onto the ballerina's face and gave her arms & legs more hair. Inside I wrote, "To my little princess..."

My hope is that it kind of confuses and worries him. Regular old "Happy Birthday" cards are so boring. I like giving cards that you have to THINK about. And which force you to question your own sexuality. ... AHH HAH AHh ahahHA Hhaha! HaHa ha. Hmm. Siigh.


Shelby said...

that's pretty much hilarious...*giggles*

My favorite birthday card of all time is the one you can get at WalMart that's shaped like a pickle (and is a picture of a pickle, fittingly enough)...and you open it up and inside it says "Betcha never thought you'd get a paper pickle for your birthday!" It's so stupid...but for some reason, it just tickles me to death. I end up giving it to someone at least once a year. I'm running out of people to give it to, though...

scully said...

Happy Birthday, Dollar!

A friend of mine used to buy similar cards. He'd look for ones designed for children, even if it read "You're two!" and give that to you on your 25th (or whatever).

Kelly said...

Lol! Happy Birthday Dollar!