[knitting] Dude, where's my yarn?

I placed an order with Knit Picks on November 1st and it still hasn't arrived. According to the tracking info it went to "missent" status in Maryland on November 6th. I called them and they said they would re-ship the order. I may still get the original order and if I do, I should let them know because they'll send me a pre-paid box to return the yarn from that order. So fine.

Only... All the special, limited quantity (but IN STOCK) yarn that I originally ordered is now OUT OF STOCK. I had to pick different colors that were in stock, juggle some stuff around, and get credit for what was no longer available (in any color). The new order is being sent to me via UPS (rather than USPS), so it should be here in 3-4 business days.

No big deal but I wish I was offered some kind of compensation- a gift certificate or overnight shipping of the replacement order. The package hasn't come and they're out of many of the things I ordered. The woman on the phone said "I'm sorry" and sounded like she meant it but that isn't going to bring me my Evening Sky Wakashan, is it?

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braided_scarf Look at this scarf. I saw it on the Yarn Harlot's website and thought it was genius. Inspired by the scarf on the cover of Vogue Knitting (Holiday 2006), this lady opted for different colored tubes rather than all one color- I love it! Way more interesting. Looks like there's six colors. How much fun would it be to choose gradations of a single color? Here's one more post about it. Apparently Mairi saw the cover of Vogue Knitting and just went home to knit up her own version. The talent!

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Tonight some local knitters are getting together at Salt Hill to drink beer and knit. I can't wait for all the drunken dropped stitches...


Anonymous said...

Dude, if you bought your yarn locally you wouldn't have these problems. Don't they have yarn stores in your area?

amy said...

I do buy local. I visit Nothern Nights in Norwich often and Country Woolens in Lebanon. I also order online because I can get yarn that my LYS don't have. I'm an equal opportunity yarn purchaser.

keri said...

What a bummer, I've had that happen to me before (but at Webs).

Love the scarf also, I think it looks really neat even f it would probably drive me crazy knitting it.

Shelby said...

I saw that scarf on Yarn Harlot too. Very impressive...but also the mitziest bit insane. Insane in a really smart, talented, Nobel Prize for Knitting type way...but still.

What I don't understand is why didn't she just knit all the I-cords seperately and then weave 'em together and do her joining, etc at the end? Seems like it would have been a lot easier on her to do it that way? But I very well could be missing a whole lot of something there. ;)

Yay for Knit Night! Bring on the beers!

amy said...

I don't know why it would be better to braid-as-you-knit. Maybe you can control the finished length better. You could knit a 60 inch i-cord, which I think is a nice length for a scarf, but once everything is braided the scarf could be only 40 inches.

Kelly said...

That is a way cool scarf!

Hopefully you'll get your yarn order soon. I think you're right they should have offered you somthing for all the aggravation!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like USPS messed up, not the company ... doesn't seem like they should be responsible for doing anything for you (I'd be elated that they're sending you another order instead of saying, "Take it up with the post office"). I know it's aggrevating, but that doesn't make it the company's fault! Good luck with the scarf - looks awesome!