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I ordered a couple games from Game Surplus: Balloon Cup and Shadows over Camelot. I used to order all my games online from Funagain, but I just learned that the games at Game Surplus are cheaper than at Funagain and shipping costs are lower. I got the two games and changed my shipping from standard to 3-Day (it was less than a dollar more) and it STILL came to less than just the two games at Funagain (without shipping costs even added). Here's a list of board game stores that I'm bargain hunting through- gotta find the best deal.

Anyway, I've played Balloon Cup before and it's my favorite two-player game. Odin's Ravens can be kind of boring, Lost Cities never grabbed me. Carcassonne: The Castle is good but long, involved and not too portable. Balloon Cup is perfect.

Shadows over Camelot has gotten really good reviews at Boardgame Geek. The description sounds interesting and it can play up to 7 people.

Which brings me to the 2nd meeting of the uvGamingClub- We played Citadels. There were 8 people at my place this past Saturday. I have only 6 chairs in my entire apartment. I sat (or rather, bounced) on my exercise ball at one corner of the table and someone else got to sit (reign?) in a plush armchair (throne?) I pushed from the living room into the dining room. I gotta get some folding chairs. Next month I'm going to have 4 gaming dates, to reduce the number of players- two Thursday nights (smaller group), two Saturday afternoons (larger group).

I like these designated gaming times. It's very casual- and I don't cook! I like to go out of my way and cook something nice Book Club as a reward for people who finished the book. Besides that, a good meal begets good conversation. For the gaming club, it's pretty much: Fend for yourselves. People can walk to the convenience store next door for soda/snacks or down to Big Fatty's for BBQ.

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nicole said...

I bought Citadels for my cousin's kids for Christmas. We played a few games. I think it was a smidge to complicated for the kids, but we had fun anyway.