[amy] Misc. Update

I'm back from vacation. Actually, I've been back for a while but things have been busy. My Christmas/New Year break was nice, apart from various apocalyptic disasters that had me contemplating a lifetime in jail.

Christmas was nice. I got nice "JVC 1000W 5.1-Ch. Home Theater System with Progressive-Scan DVD/CD/MP3 Player". Music and movies have never sounded so good, myes. And I got lots of books.

New Years Eve was fun. There's photos here and here. Adam and Dollar's house party was off the chain- It was a night of drunken debauchery, people passed out face down on the floor, strangers conspiring to steal stuff, beds pee'd on, etc. Seriously, I thought the guys were paranoid to lock certain parts of the house up every time they throw a party but now I realize it's because they don't know what sort of unsavory characters are going to show up.

Also, my sister's cat, Gatsu, is living with me now. He's getting used to the place but he was really nervous at first. Boyfriend doesn't like cats and I remember him saying a looooong time ago: "When you buy a cat, you're buying a free-loader." I was nervous how he was going to react, but he considers Gatsu a "made" cat (Boyfriend may be part of the mafia, I'm not sure yet). Actually, it's not like I'm all that great with the cat. We were watching a movie and I said, "Hey, where's Gatsu?" Turns out, I accidentally locked him in my bedroom closet. Ehh... heh heh heh... Um, oops.

UvBookClub is meeting at my place tomorrow night to talk about Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer. I've been looking up Mormon recipes to serve for supper but everything I come across is jell-o molds, deviled eggs and "funeral potatoes". I'm SO not serving "funeral potatoes" to guests; that's just asking for trouble. I will, however, offer The Mormon Surprise.

uvGamingClub is meeting at my place this Saturday and next Saturday to play games. Either Settlers of Catan or Carcassonne or Bang.

I'm going to the HOP today to pick up tickets to see the Kronos Quartet this Saturday night.

And I've got some boring, art-house movies from Netflix to watch. I decided to class up my queue (seems all I ever watch is brainless pop culture stuff) but as I was watching one, I said to myself, "This is so boring... No one's talking... Nothing's happening... What's with the subtitles? Am I watching a movie or reading? Jeeze! I HATE THESE PSEUDO-INTELLECTUAL FOREIGN FILMS THAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND DUE TO CULTURAL DIFFERENCES!" I'm going back to Smallville, Gilmore Girls and anything HBO.

Knitting-wise, I'm almost done with my Kiri shawl (which I started last summer). I've only got the edging left to do. I knit Jason a Jayne hat for Christmas and my sister a green scarf. I knit myself a blue scarf and my mother a brown hat (my first Fair Isle attempt). Next up, I'd like to knit Gatsu a kitty bed, a pair of slippers for myself and Boyfriend's Star Wars hat.

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