[knitting] Little blue pouch

I used some yarn leftovers to knit a little square bag- with the intention of adding a lining and zipper (since I know how to do that now). But of course the bag sat around for ages, ends not even sewn in. Finally I blocked it and got all the accouterments together:

Lining a knit pouch

Since I'm doing so much sewing, I cut some blue fabric and sewed a lining. I shortened a zipper. (I love my little pincusion biscornu- I should make more. They are so adorbs and useful.)

Pin in the lining (ehhhh, it's a little too big):

Lining pinned

Sew it in (ehhh, it's a little wonky because it was too big):

Lining sewn

Pin in the zipper (oh look, it covers the wonkiness of the lining):

Zipper pinned

Sew that in and voila, zippered and lined pouch:


Knit pouch with zipper and lining

After I got all the stuff together, it only took about 30 minutes to do since the project was so small.

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