[quilting] Sailboat

Accomplished so many fun and crafty things over the long weekend. Friday afternoon I spent on a quilt block:

⛵️🍺 #quilting #zerogravitybeer

Yeah, that's a beer in there, too. Because it was beer o'clock. 

The finished sailboat:

Sailboat quilt block. ⛵️ I cut up the entire piece if fabric to get the skeleton situated right. #worthit #quilting

I basically had to massacre the entire piece of skeleton fabric to get a square just right for the sail but it was worth it.

I've decided I'm just going to do whatever quilt blocks I find and like and I'll worry about how they all fit together later... 

I bought a bolt of inexpensive (coughcheapcough) 100% cotton grey fabric at Joann's. I plan to use a bit here and there as a solid color. As I was working on this block and pressing pieces (with steam- I know I'm not supposed to but I'm glad I did) the grey was shrinking like crazy. Alarmingly so. Enough to make me freak out. I frantically started Googling what to do- and the answer was so simple I don't know why I didn't think of it: prewash the fabric. Duuuuuuhhhhh. (slaps forehead). So I washed/dried some and I'll iron it to see if it still shrinks. 

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