[travel] Vancouver

Last week I went on vacation with my mom and sister to western Canada. The trip started in Vancouver and we took a train eastward to Banff. From there, we had a few excursions via coach and finally ended in Calgary.

The first full day in Vancouver, we went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge:



I have to say, I was pretty relieved when I saw how nice and wide and sturdy the bridge was. It was still wiggly, for sure, but I was expecting something like this or even this

The only downside was that it was pretty busy. You had to march across the bridge and not stop for fear of holding the line up.

There was a lot to explore in the park other than just the bridge. 


There were lots of bridges and paths up in the trees:


Overall, this place looked a lot like Endor:


It was just missing Ewoks.

More pictures to come the rest of the week.

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