[misc] Rocky Rabbit

We have a new house guest, Rocky:

House guest for a little while. The cats haven't been introduced yet.

Not sure how long he's going to be staying with us. He came from a multi-cat house, so while he's used to being with cats our cats are not thrilled. Santana doesn't really want to be in the same room with him. Murderface watches from a distance, scowling and hissing. Penny is curious:

Penny meets Rocky

He doesn't like the wood floors because it's slippery. I got a few rugs to put down, so he could roam a bit more:


He's cool. Maybe a little standoffish but he's still getting used to the place. He started exploring the living room more last night, so I think I might have to start rabbit-proofing things like baskets and wires.

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