[knitting] Vespergyle Mittens


Vespergyle mittens

Yarn: Harrisville Shetland, grey and navy, less than one skein of each.

Needles: US 2. I used an 8" Addi Turbo circular. This was totally brutal. I tend to get lines in the project between needles when I use DPNs (which can usually be sorted out with blocking) and I thought using a wee, tiny circular would eliminate that and keep things moving around quickly. It did both of those things, but it was still brutal. If I develop carpal tunnel, I'm blaming these mittens and that needle.

Mods: Using mods from another user on Ravelry, I did an extra diamond repeat before starting the thumb. I made the thumb striped (rather than speckled). And I ended the tip a little sooner (grafted the top closed) so that it wouldn't be so pointy.

These are great mittens. I really, really like them. But... It was tedious as all hell. You know a project has become a chore when you think, "Maybe the world will end and I won't have to make the other mitten." If I want to make more stranded projects (and I do), I'll switch to hats.

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Patricia said...

Wow, those are beautiful! I just made the hat from hell, b/c I hadn't done a lace pattern in a long time and forgot there is always (at least) one row that demands total concentration. Ripriprip. Enjoy your mitts - you earned it :)