[misc] Post-op Penny Monday

Okay. It's been a week since Penny barfed up a piece of rainbow felt in the morning. She ate breakfast normally. When we came home from work, there was lots of barf all over the house. Penny wasn't interested in food and was barfing up water. I immediately took her down to the vet.

They x-rayed her and saw bunching in her intestines. They kept her overnight to put her on an IV to rehydrate her and see if she could pass the stuff on her own. Leaving her there and missing her around the house and thinking about her alone in an unfamiliar place all night was rough. The next day, after she didn't poop anything and another x-ray revealed more bunching, they said surgery was the way to go.

A couple hours later, it was done. They didn't need to cut into her intestines but were able to "milk" the obstruction out the rest of the way. But she had to stay overnight again so they could monitor her.

We went to pick her up Wednesday after work. She was away for 48 hours and so happy to be back home. She has lots of pills to take (pain pill, liquid pain med, two types of antibiotics) and has to wear an E-collar (aka "cone of shame") to keep her from chewing off the stitches on her stomach. She's sequestered to our bed room, so she doesn't get stressed out around MF or Santana. 

Here she is, her first day back:


She wouldn't stop purring and nuzzling/cuddling with us. After a couple days, though:


I cut up a t-shirt to pin a smock around her, to see if we could do this instead of the cone:

Penny in smock

But she didn't like it.

She does like warm laundry, though:

Penny in laundry fort

I would get into bed at night, to mess around on my iPad, while Penny slept next to me:

Penny napping in bed

Penny, happy to have the sun shining and the cone off:


She's on the road to recovery but we've got 7 more days of pills and cone. 


50,000 Stitches said...

I'm glad Penny's okay! I'm also considering putting away my cats' toys from now on when I'm not home...

knitkitty said...

Oh, poor little thing. I remember when hubby took our eldest cat to the vet and had to come home without her. It just felt awful that she wasn't home -- neither of us could relax till she was home the next day. Glad to see little Penny is home and safe!