[misc] Murderface Monday


Had a good, low-key weekend. Went to my cousin's wedding in MA on Saturday. Every time I go to a wedding, I think, "I should do this at my wedding. I should do that. Maybe I'll do this." By the end of the evening, I think, "Screw this, I'll just elope." 

Sunday I chilled out, worked on some crafts, went to the grocery store, resisted the urge to buy 20 rococo picture frames at TJ Maxx, and came home to clean all the things. 

Murderface was my little cuddle-buddy all weekend. 


I need to make a list of things that I really, like seriously, I mean it, need to finish this week. My Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. My cross-stitch project. My... uh... Well, I guess just those two things. So that should be do-able, right? Two things?


gayle said...

I'm dying to see that hand grenade!

Patricia said...

Such a beautiful cat he is!