[cooking] Hotdog Stuffed-Crust Pizza

Last week I read that Pizza Hut UK is starting to offer a hot dog stuffed crust pizza. My initial reactions went something like:

"How can this not be American?"
"I must to make one."

I love pizza. I like hot dogs. What's the problem? I told Dollar what I planned to make for supper. His reaction? An ambiguous "Crazy." To which I sullenly thought, "Yeah... Crazy-AWESOME."

I made the dough in my mini-Zo. For pizza sauce, I mix tomato sauce with minced garlic and pizza seasoning from Penzey's. I bought three McKenzie natural casing hot dogs from the Co-op. Green peppers and onions are our usual toppings for pizza.

Hot Dog Pizza

How cute is that cutting board? It was a birthday gift and I like to play Air Guitar in the kitchen with it.

Here's the dough pushed out and docked. With the three hot dogs. Only three because I still wanted half of the pizza to be normal.

Hot Dog Pizza

Then I rolled them inward, toward the center of the pizza 180 degrees, to wrap them in the dough.

Where are the hot dogs?

Then sauce, cheese and toppings:

Hot Dog Pizza

I showed Dollar the pizza and he pointed out, "The hotdogs are backwards." Which, yes, okay, they are. They started out following the curvature of pizza perimeter but after rolling them in, they're concave. I couldn't be bothered to fix it (you know, after all the assembly was complete and it was ready to go into the oven), so I shrieked, "OH NO, THE HOT DOGS ARE BACKWARDS! Now the pizza won't taste good!!"

I actually don't have a picture of the cooked pizza, but it wasn't bad. It just felt a little weird, like, "Are you done eating that slice of pizza? Yeah? Now have a hot dog." The hot dog in the crust was just an over-sized Pig in a Blanket, really.

So... meh. We decided it should be an either/or thing. EITHER pizza OR full-sized hot dogs individually baked in dough. We didn't really enjoy them together. But I'm glad I tried it.


gayle said...

Back in my high school days, a friend and I invented the hot dog omelet. It wasn't very good, either...

Anonymous said...

"Are you done eating that slice of pizza? Yeah? Now have a hot dog."

This made me laugh so hard. Awesome.