[travel] Heidelberg, Germany

Yes, it has been two weeks since my last post. I wrapped up my Germany trip with a visit to Heidelberg. I returned home, promptly fell asleep for 15 hours, then had a week of vacation. I did... nothing. I slept and watched TV shows and movies and slept and slept some more. Here's the last of the Germany pictures...


Here I am on the south side of the Nekar river, looking to the north.

looking to the north side of the Nekar river

Looking east to the Old Bridge:

looking east to the old bridge

This town was so much busier than quiet little Schwetzingen:

busy city

We climbed stairs up to Philosopher's Way:

stairs up

The viewing areas:

viewing point, across the Nekar river

We were able to get many nice shots of the castle:


You can also see the large church.

Stairs back down to the Old Bridge:

stairs down

old bridge

heidelberg castle

old bridge

After all that walking, we stopped at Vetter for beer and food:

Beer at Vetter in Heidelberg

The menu shows one woman with a platter of meat and one woman with beers. Here, let's take a closer look...


Our waitress did not look like that.

I got the cheese spatzl:

Cheese spaetzle


Auf wiedersehen, for now, Germany. I will come back for a proper vacation.


The flight home was fine. Frankfurt airport is a little stressful. I had three hours from the time I got there to my plane's departure and most of it was spent in a nearly-hysterical panic. I was standing in the wrong line, I didn't use the kiosk to get a boarding pass like I was supposed to, the kiosk wouldn't read my passport, my bag was over the weight limit, etc.

On the plane, I was in an aisle seat in the 2nd to last row, in front of three Swedes in a continual state of alcohol-fueled ruckus and next to a deutsch-bag (a German douche-bag) who purposefully held up his newspaper after I tried looking out the window once. There were some screaming babies, a guy standing in the aisle with his bubble butt in my face, my chair wouldn't recline, I couldn't see the TV, the food was shit, blah blah blah, bitch bitch bitch.

The flight was fine. I made it home, that's all that's important.

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