[spinning] Forest Walk

I've seen 3 plies where people use variegated colors for 2 of the plies and a solid color for 1. This seems to give the yarn a more cohesive look, I think. I had 4oz of maroon merino sitting on a shelf next to this superwash merino:

Forest Walk 2

I spun 3 bobbins- 2 of the colorful, 1 of the solid maroon. Plied together, they came out as:

Forest Walk Spun

I like it (although I generally like all 3-plies I see)...

Forest Walk Spun

But I'm beginning to think if I had it to do over again, I might choose a deep brown rather than maroon.

Forest Walk Spun

This will either become a pair of socks or a mitered scarf.

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