[knitting] Lady Eleanor

I'm on the last ball for the Lady Eleanor stole and my knitting is slowing down. I kind of don't want it to end. Plus, all those ends to weave in- Yikes! Last night I knit 4 squares and then set the project aside to do Sudoku puzzles in bed.

Tonight I'll knit more and maybe even bind off. Then I'll start swatching and doing the math for the Rogue hoodie. Once I'm fully motivated to start that, I'll weave in the ends for Lady E.

A blocking board! A blocking board! My kingdom for a blocking board!

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Joan said...

Amy, I did a Lady E recently and spit spliced the yarn connections so no weaving ends at all. Have tou tried that?

I love the Lady E pattern and may do another one for a gift. Make sure you post some pics!

My blocking board is my guest bed. ;-}