[cooking] Korean and Japanese

I had a lot of fun last week trying out some new Korean and Japanese recipes.

Kimchi Jjigae. I actually didn't have any kimchi in the fridge, so I had to buy some at the grocery store. The clerk, a high school boy, swiped the jar over the barcode reader and then looked at it. "Kim-eee-key," he said. "Kim... Kim-eee-chee... What's that?" I told him it's "kim-chee" and it's spicy-hot pickled cabbage. He looked disgusted and I suppose I would too. Anyway, the stew came out all right. The broth wasn't as RICH as I would have liked (more gochujang next time?). I have a bag of seafood mix in the freezer and I'd be willing to take a stab at seafood jjigae this week.

I also made some seasoned cucumbers (oi moochim). This was really good with rice- cold and crunchy and spicy! I'm making more this week.

Dollar said one of his favorite foods from his time in Japan was Yaki Soba. While this was an easy/tasty recipe, it wasn't quite what he remembered. He said there was an underlying brown-sugar flavor in the sauce they used over there. I think this is the "steak sauce" referred to in the recipe but I have no idea what Japanese steak sauce is (and I'm not going to use the American version: A1). Is it just teriyaki sauce? Tonkatsu sauce?

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ZenKimchi said...

Glad you liked the cucumber recipe! :)