[amy] Busy Day, Busy Weekend

I was able to finish Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell last night, in time for the book discussion and performance tonight at the HOP (which I won tickets to- sweet!).

Since that's taking up the whole night, I'm running over to Home Depot during the day to get lumber for some (and by some, I mean SIX) 4' x 4' boxes. My mother has "requested" and Dollar and I make some for her, so I'm taking care of getting the lumber, having it cut and getting the screws. He's going to do all the manual labor tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm going to Ken's moving sale at 10 am sharp with a fist full of cash, ready to buy ALL his books. Not that my library needs a major addition but I know don't have enough Dream and Occult books. Speaking of Occult, I'm pushing back the date for the next uvBookClub meeting because I need more time to read the next book.

Then... what else. I'm supposed to go up to a quilting place in Fairlee tomorrow to have them finish my quilt but they said that it costs around $100 to finish a twin and I know mine is full/queen. I think that's a little pricey, so I want to finish it myself. I've been lurking around the quilting thread at Craftster, trying to get more info on what to do. I've got some ideas, most of which include basting spray. (P.S. Check out the new featured projects on Craftsters front page - I live the glasses!)

Sunday is gaming at my sister's place. She just got Fury of Dracula and I'm excited to try it out. I've heard very good things. I ordered Apples to Apples and Bang! (plus expansions) from Thought Hammer this week. Using the FedEx tracking number they gave me, I've been watching my package making pit-stops all around the state of Texas. Who knows when it'll get to me. Last I heard, it was in Fort Worth.

And knitting-wise, I did cast on for my mom's socks but with Mother's Day only two weeks away, I'm thinking they may end up being ankle socks. I've only knit 5 rows. [sad face]

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