[uvGamingClub] Shadows over Camelot

Saturday the uvGamingClub (comprised of 50% newer and more enthusiastic members) came over to play Shadows over Camelot. Jason had just come back from EconoCon and brought a sweet game he just bought (which I can't remember the name of). He said he played Blokus and Medici there and really enjoyed both.

We played two games of SoC and we won both. We played the first game without a traitor and the second with the threat of maybe a traitor. Even when you deal out the loyalty cards there's still the chance that NO ONE got the traitor card. Such was the case with our second game- in the end no one was working for the forces of evil. Like any overly-suspicious neurotic psycho, I accused two players after I saw them perform what I thought were suspicious deeds. Which makes me think I'm just paranoid. Soon I'll be staring out my window and calling 9-1-1 of I see any "suspicious acts" around the neighborhood. "[gasp] Why is he taking out trash in the middle of the night? ... It must be a dead body!"

We also played a little bit of Munchkin as a filler during a break between the two games. It reminded me a lot of Hack.

I'm going to be offering up two more Saturdays in May and I think the theme is going to be card games. I was talking up Lunch Money. It's fun to say to people, "I grab you and pile drive you. Then I pimp slap you. And how about you eat this punch." Granted it's not as pleasurable as the real thing, but it's close.

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