[knitting] I love presents

I got a package in the mail on Friday...

Thank you, Secret Pal! I was quite tickled to see Knit One, Kill Two. I started reading it right away but haven't gotten too far because it was such a busy weekend. Also, Bee Season was a pleasant surprise because I've wanted it since it came out and since they're making it into a movie later this year, I am very pleased to get the original book before they change the cover to have the movie characters on it. The home-made bookmarker is great because I'm tired of using receipts/napkins to hold my place. And the bookholder is cool but I'm not sure I should knit and read at the same time, as my Secret Pal suggested on the post card. I have to be looking at what I'm knitting, or else I'll drop stitches, spear the yarn, etc. But the book holder does hold my favorite cookbook nicely!

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secret stalker said...

Are you saying that you would have a hard time reading a book with Richard Gere's face on the cover? Because I think that it would add just the right gravitas to a piece of literature.

p.s. Your welcome!