[misc] Murderface Monday

Another weekend gone. Had the winter tires put on and the car serviced at 8 am Saturday. Got home, puttered around the house a bit and then took a way-too-long nap in the afternoon with Murderface.


My first mistake was getting back into bed. Murderface will inevitably climb onto my chest and settle down for a nap. I think, "Well, I can't move him now... that would be mean. Maybe I'll just... close my eyes for a... ZZzzzZZZzzz". 

Murderface is feeling much better. He's not wheezy/sneezy anymore. He was sleeping so much, it's nice to see him up and about and causing trouble.

Who? Me? Cause trouble? ... You know it ;)

Sunday I made a trip down to H-Mart with my mom for some Korean food supplies. Looking forward to eating strictly Korean for a while.

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