[cooking] Shakshouka

I recently joined a group on Reddit called 52 Weeks of Cooking. Every week is a different theme. I happened to join when the theme was North African. After searching for recipes online, I settled on Shakshouka:


I basically followed this recipe from Smitten Kitchen. I also made some flatbread to accompany it.

This was so tasty. Inexpensive, too. The eggs ended up over cooked- I watched the pan pretty closely for the whites to set- but the yolks were hard by the time the whites were done. Dollar preferred it this way- more substance/chew to the protein. I would have preferred runny yolks. 

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Anonymous said...

My grandmother used to make a similar recipe all the time. Whenever we had pasta and there was homemade sauce left over, we had what we called "eggs in sauce" which is basically what you made.

I like the yolks hard cooked but if you want the egg yolks tender put a lid on it for a couple of minutes. By putting the lid, the steam will cool the top part of the egg whites really fast.

Now I want to make this! So yummy and really, really inexpensive.