[vermont] Mr. Grumpy Woodchuck

This guy doesn't look happy about anything:



Why so grumpy? You have all the food you could eat and I'm not actively firing a shotgun at you. (Which is pretty much what everyone is telling me to do but I can't kill anything larger than a spider.) 


Weather this weekend was nice and I spent most of it outside "gardening". I say "gardening" because it feels like all I'm doing is weeding. Ripping up weeds popping up in the mulched beds, weeding around a flower bed, weeding, weeding, raking, weeding. 

I want it to look like this around my house:

Cambria Pines Lodge

But I feel like it looks like this:

And now it looks like rain all week. Guess I'll just put all the containers of herbs/vegetables that I bought this weekend outside and properly plant them next weekend.

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Sava said...

Is grumpy woodchuck the successor to grumpy cat? I think he could be!