[knitting] Rikke V

It's still all orange recipes, all the time around the house but I did finish a new hat:

Alpaca Rikke Hat

This is my fifth time making a Rikke hat. I love the pattern- perfect fit, perfect amount of slouch. This hat is extra-slouchy; I went 9 inches before starting the decreases.

The yarn is long discontinued Araucania Atacama, two skeins. I used nearly all of it and plan to use up the small remaining amount for a pouch. I alternated the skeins every 2 rows, to avoid potential color-pooling or a obvious color change once I switches skeins.

I got two more skeins of Cascade Casablanca in the mail so I'm back to working on the mermaid tears/crocodile stitch bag. Took a beginners quilting class last night. I got my sewing machine out and figured out how to use it. I think I'm ready to start tackling the stacks of charm squares I have and make a couple quilts.

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