[cooking] Candied orange peels and marmalade

The case of oranges is dwindling. Seeing the end approaching, I frantically started to think of different ways to preserve the citrus. One was candied orange peels. I squeezed some juice, cut the orange halves in to quarters, scraped/peeled out the pulp and then cut the rinds into strips:

Future candied orange peels.

I used this recipe. I read a few different recipes, so I knew when it said "simmer very slowly until pith is translucent" that it would take a while. Two hours of simmering for this batch. 

The rinds after draining off the syrup (which I save in a jar):

Candied orange peels

After rolling them around in sugar:

Candied orange peels

Kind of clumpy. I let them dry out in the open over night and then rolled them around on a cookie sheet with my hand to knock a lot of the excess sugar off. I left them out all day to continue drying and then put them all into a large mason jar to store.

While the peels were boiling, I used my mandolin to slice up 4 lbs of oranges for marmalade.

Will boil this up for marmalade tomorrow. Jelly bag is full of orange piths and membranes leftover from juicing.

You know what's not easy? Slicing whole oranges with a mandolin. But I put on my infinity gauntlet oven mitt to protect my hand and away I went. The bowl above is oranges (the jelly bag contains some peels and pulp from oranges I juiced) and 6 cups of water, which I left in the fridge overnight. Using the ratios in this recipe, the next day I added the contents of the bowl (I removed the jelly bag) plus six more cups of water plus 9 cups of sugar (OMGGGGGGGG) and boiled away for three hours.

The finished marmalade: 10 half-pint jars, processed in boiling water and everything:

Marmalade! 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊

It sent up kind of on the hard side (I did the frozen plate test repeatedly- and I think I waited too long) but it's fantastic. I've been enjoying it on cheese and crackers, mixed into yogurt, with peanut butter on toast.

Now that I have oranges preserved a couple way, I can take my time thinking of creative ways to use them. At the moment, I love the idea of a dark chocolate/candied orange peel loaf of bread and baked brie en croute with a layer of marmalade between the brie and pastry wrap.


Ellen Bloom said...

OMG! All of the orange goodies look so delicious! When can I come over for a taste test? LOL

amy said...

Ellen, :)