[cooking] Orange you glad it's another orange recipe?

Oh look, another thing I made with oranges: Cinnamon-Orange Bread

Orange-cinnamon no-knead loaf

I usually keep a big bowl of no-knead dough in the fridge. I like to use this recipe because it makes a lot and the dough keeps well, even over a couple weeks. The recipe calls for AP flour but I've used any combination of all-purpose flour, bread flour, white whole wheat. I just use whatever flour I have on hand (not self-rising, though). It's easy to rip off a piece of dough here and there for pizza or a quick dutch oven loaf.

Yesterday I was sooooo excited to get home and try orange sorbet! I get to use my long-neglected ice cream maker. Alas, I didn't plan ahead and when I looked at the ice cream bucket, I went "Oh yeah, I'm supposed to freeze this for 24 hours first." Fine! I'll put the bucket into the freezer. What about that idea I had for a chocolate orange loaf of bread. I looked and had no baking chocolate in the pantry. FINE! I'll... I'll just use these cinnamon flav-r-bites instead!

(I don't even know if KAF sells these little cinnamon bits any more. My bag is old but it's air-tight, they're dried goods... I'm sure it'll be fine. Probably.)

So I tore off a piece of dough (this batch is 30% white whole wheat, 70% bread flour) and kneaded in some diced homemade candied orange peel and cinnamon nuggs until I felt everything was well incorporated. Then I let it rise... a little too long. I got distracted tidying up my craft room and the dough rose to a big, shaggy mess which I dumped unceremoniously into a pre-heated dutch oven (with a round of parchment paper on the bottom), muttering "Whateverrrrrrrr". It was a small loaf, so it only baked covered for 15 min and then uncovered for 8 min.

Still looked good to me:

Orange-cinnamon no-knead loaf

This made the house smell wonderful while it was baking. You know those cartoons where the scent of something lifts someone off their feet and they float over to the source of the smell? That's what happened to Dollar. The orange and cinnamon combination was just perfect.

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