[cooking] Orange Sorbet

This is the last orange recipe. I've used them all up. I never got sick of them and was legit sad when I pulled the last few out to use. 

I read this article on sorbet and it helped tremendously. Especially when I got down to the part about citrus sorbets and how corn syrup is a good sweetener to improve the texture for thin fruit juices. The candied orange peels that I made last week were boiled in a sugar/corn syrup mix, so I felt this sorbet would be a good use for the reserved syrup.

I squeezed four cups of juice and mixed with one cup of syrup. Then I poured it into the ice cream maker and away it went. It was still soft when I transferred it all to a container but after a night in the freezer:

Orange sorbet. 🍊 Orange juice and syrup reserved from making candied peels. #caracaraoranges #sorbet

So good. It just tastes like smooth, frozen cara cara oranges. I still have leftover syrup (in the jar) and a million frozen blueberries, so blueberry sorbet might be in the near future as well.

For the football game last night, I made baked brie en croute with a layer of marmalade on top of the brie.

Baked brie en croute with a layer of marmalade to go with homemade baguette. Ooey gooey goodness for the Pats. LETS GOOOOOOO!

This was fantastic with a homemade baguette. 

So that's it. RIP oranges, it was a fun two weeks. Will def get a case again next year. And buy a juicer between now and then because juicing by hand suuuuuucks.

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