[cooking] Orange Bundt Cake

So yesterday was a day. A bummer of a day. Nothing too horrendous, just annoying identity theft/fraud. I wavered between being angry and depressed all day. In the evening, I needed a pick-me-up (which I think is technically tiramisu but whatever, bundt cake will work in a pinch).

First, I had a cara cara orange screwdriver to lift my spirits:

Spirits lifting. Cara cara orange screwdriver.

Screwdrivers are my faaaaaavorite and this was just so perfect with ice cold vodka (this Ice Glen from the MA Berkshires is a nice one) and fresh squeezed juice.

Anyway, time to bundt. King Arthur Flour has declared 2017 the year of the bundt. I've never made a bundt before but got a classic Nordic Ware 10-cup bundt pan. Now I can see myself collecting bundt pans of different designs. They'll be like my Pokemon- gotta collect 'em all.

The recipe I used is this orange pound cake. This recipe is a real egg-hog but the ingredients are exceedingly simple- butter, sugar, eggs, flour, baking powder, salt, orange juice and zest. Very easy to bring together and plop into the bundt pan:

My first bundt- orange pound cake recipe.

After baking at 350 for 50 min:

Bundt, after baking

I let it rest for 10 min and then turned it out onto a cake platter. I didn't do the bourbon/butter glaze opting instead to brush more fresh squeezed OJ over the exterior. Then I dusted with powdered sugar:

Bundt, dusted with powdered sugar

Looks fancy-pants was this was a EASY dessert to do on a week night. And the orange flavor is sooooooo great.

Bundt perfection. Orange pound cake recipe from King Arthur Flour. #yearofthebundt #kingarthurflour

TGIF. Looking forward to a three day weekend. Duck a l'orange tonight. Green Mountain Spinnery/Basketville tomorrow. Pats playing tomorrow night. Quilting class Monday night.

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