[quilting] Finished mini-quilt mat thing

Saturday morning, I got out my How to Quilt book and read (okay, skimmed) the final steps: backing, batting, binding. 

Finishing the mini quilt. Everything looks so.... blue and orange. #quilting

I ironed the backing fabric, taped it to the table, added a layer of batting, placed the top, pinned through all three layers, tied some blue perle cotton yarn through the enter of each square, cut away the excess and edging, used pre-made brown fabric tape for binding and used a zig-zag stitch to sew around the edge. 

Front, done:

Done. Tied the center of the squares. Good practice sewing on and edge with a zig-zag stitch.


Back of the mini quilt.

Not big enough to be used as a blanket but the cats can always use a mat to sit on:

Penny on the little quilt.

It was a good learning project. I got more experience with my sewing machine and using the zig-zag stitch setting. Applying the binding continuously. 

I dug out another little quilt top (pillowcase-sized) and set to finishing that as well. 

Going to finish an old little quilt top that has been hidden away for 10+ years.

All that is left is hand-sewing the binding down. Sigh. I hate hand sewing. And see those two knit and crochet bags at the top of the picture? I was going to machine sew a zipper and lining into them but because the wool is so bulky, I have to do it by hand. Siiiiiiiigh. 

I've found all kinds of sewing supplies after digging through storage boxes. I have three rotary cutters. And extra blades. And zippers and fabric and bag straps to finish those two bags. At least I'm not having to buy anything. 

After all this sewing stuff is done, then I'll finally start sewing squares for the batik quilt top.

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