[knitting] Cat Wig

I unearthed an old knit bag to finally finish. The original pattern has to you knit stockinette edges to wrap around wooden bag handles. Because I decided to sew in a zipper and fabric lining instead, I had to rip back and bind off closer to where the cabled pattern ends.

I had a small pile of very kinky yarn and plopped it on Murderface's head (that's what you get when you nap next to me on the couch, buddy). It looked like cool dreadlocks so I decided to make a cat wig. I knit a basic hat base from Cats in Hats, cut the kinky yarn into 6 in - 8 in strands and then used a crochet hook to loop the yarn along the garter ridges of the hat base.

Had to rip back on an old, hibernating project. Made a cat wig with the kinky yarn.


Penny "loves" the new wig.

I'll get a better picture in the future. She was napping and kind of... unimpressed with being disturbed for this nonsense. It was a fast and fun project to whip up in under an hour.

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Louise said...

The expression on Penny's face just cracks me up.