[travel] Kansas City

A few days after we returned home from the Amsterdam trip, I had to turn around and go to Kansas City for the week. I arrived:

Landing in Kansas City. It's flat here. Real flat.

It's flat. Flat flat flaaaaaat. I could show you more pictures from the week but this is the only other one I took:

KC sunset.

I guess being that flat has it's advantages- the sunsets were nice and long. But the wind was crazy. I have no other pictures because my days were get up, work, go out drinking with coworkers, talk about work, sleep, get up, work, go out drinking with coworkers, etc.

I got my hair did before I went, though. Last year I went blue but it was all washed out in a week. This year I went to a different salon and went red:

No filter. I call it Corps of Engineers red.

I know, right? It's the ombre or balayage technique. The stylist was so great and worked on me for 3+ hours. Here I am during the beaching process:

Time for something different.

It was a long session- bleach my hair, wash and dry it. Paint the color on my hair and wait. Wash and cut and dry. It was $$$ but here's the result (same day as the color) under indoor lighting:

Indoors. ❤️

And the best part is that the color is really staying. My red color has faded over the past few weeks to pinkish-burgundy but it still looks like a fantasy color and I'm not left with just bleached locks. I'll see in a few more weeks what I want to do (more color? or start to trim it away?).

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