[cooking] Bake for Good: Cookies

I signed up for a series of free classes at King Arthur Flour. Around Thanksgiving and Christmas time the education center offers Bake for Good classes. You show up, bake and what you make is donated to The Haven. You get the recipe and experience.

Yesterday we did cookies. A ginger spice cookie:

Baking for Good at King Arthur Flour! Ginger spice cookies 😍 #kingarthurflour #bakeforgood

Similar to molasses cookies that I make from the KAF Baker's Companion cookbook. I love these types of soft, spicey cookies covered in glittery-sugar.

Those were followed by roll-out sugar cookies. We didn't mix this cookie; we were given a brick of already-mixed dough (from their sugar cookie mix); we just had to roll it out and decorate:

Decorating! That's how we roll (and cut sugar cookies). #kingarthurflour #bakeforgood

Good class. Only disappointing aspect is that you literally do not get to even try one cookie. You know going into it that that's the deal but it still would have been nice to try one of the ginger cookies to decide whether or not you want to go to the shop to buy the crystallized ginger pieces and the sparkling white sugar.

Having said that, the demonstration of the recipe is informative and you learn about mixing at the right speed,  the temperature and measurement of ingredients, differences between roll-out cookies vs. drop cookies vs. cake-y cookies.

Next week we're doing sweet breads!

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