[misc] Biggest. Christmas tree. Ever

Sunday we put up our Christmas tree:


It's 8 feet tall! The tallest tree I've ever had. Adding lights was challenging (one string each of rainbow, white, green, red lights) to make it all look even. But I was really spoiled for ornament space this year- so much room to hang stuff.

I always get new ornaments throughout the year and I love adding them. This is a little Peruvian gourd that I picked up in DC last February at the National Museum of the American Indian.


Dollar's mom gave me a bunch of his ornaments from throughout the years. Here's one of his first:

OG ornaments.

One of my many cooking ornaments:


But seriously, though. This tree was kind of spendy and we're keeping it up until Feb to get our money's worth. 

My favorite present is under the tree already:


Now that the weather outside is frightful, our little heat-seeker is constantly climbing into laps and stealing recently vacated seats. This is how she looks at me when she climbs into Dollar's lap in the evening:

Penny just looooves looking at me like this whenever she gets into Dollar's lap.

So smug. 

Still working on holiday knitting and started on some Christmas cookies. Gifts are piling up on the dining room table- will start wrapping soon. Started up the two snowmobiles yesterday and took them for a quick spin- but I think they need to be serviced. And I've got to finish decorating the house.

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