[cooking] Thanksgiving Pies

I made a couple pies for Thanksgiving this year. A spicy pumpkin pie:

Pumpkin pie ready for the oven. #thanksgiving

And I wanted to do something other than apple. I decided to do a maple bourbon pecan pie (I omitted the ginger from this recipe). Which requires blind-baking the crust. I don't have a lot of luck blind baking- whenever I do, the crust comes out as a big, round shortbread cookie. This time, I shaped the crust and refrigerated it for 20 min before taking it out and baking with parchment paper with risotto rice and pie weights.

Blind baking the next pie crust. Using my special mix of pie weights and risotto rice. I've never had much luck blind baking. #shrinkage

And the final pecan pie came out very good, (very bourbon-y):

Maple bourbon pecan pie. #thanksgivingpie

I think we might have Thanksgiving at our house next year. And I'll keep trying to do pies outside of my comfort zone.

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