[knitting] We Call Them (Girly) Pirates

The hat is done. I knit up a lining, tacked it down, soaked it, blocked it. While it was a fun project to work on, I had issues.

Issue 1: Tacking down the lining stitches to the inside of the hat. This was tough because it was hard for me to keep track of rows on the inside of the hat, because of all the carried yarn. Does that make sense? I had to sew down one sitich into (almost) all of the purl bumps in a row but the rows are so hard to see, that my lining is uneven. You'll see what I mean.

Issue 2: It's about half-an-inch too short.

Modifications (on this hat): I knit 5 pattern repeats (I was using #2 needles) instead of 4. I used Knit Picks Palette in white and blush- which brings the cost of this hat to LESS THAN $3.98!!

Modifications (on the next hat): START with lining, knit up and tack down during hat knitting- this will ensure that the lining is all along the same row. Also, make longer.

That means I'm currently down to two unfinished projects: Plum Sprinkles and Starsky. I think about Starsky and I do want to work on it, but I just can't seem to get up the motivation.


nicole said...

Looks great. I wholeheartedly concur that the lining should be knit first. I did mine by doing a provisional cast on, then when I got to the appropriate row on the hat I just knit the stitches together. Easy peasy.

keri said...

The hat turned out great!

Nicole beat me to it but I was going to say that same thing. It's a pain to start that way but worth it in the end.

Laural said...

I love the colors that you used for your hat! The tacking down was hard for me to. I really hated fishing for the purl bumps.

Anonymous said...

I love your girly pirates hat!